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Plastic Surgeon eases the tax burden

Plastic Surgeon eases the tax burden

The anticipated final cost of London 2012 for the Olympic Delivery Authority has increased ‘slightly’ by £69 million since September 2010 – a sum that would be considered staggering in the normal course of  construction spends – apparently reflecting £57 million additional funding for park operations. The overall public sector support for the games remains at just under £9.3 billion: a heavy burden at this time, however much the nation wants to see the games here; or encourage sports generally.

Despite dealing in telephone numbers for their budgets, Plastic Surgeon would like to encourage all of those involved with completing the construction projects to keep in mind the financial benefits of cutting waste; and wherever possible repairing items which get damaged during the building process.

The government and ODA’s annual report on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was published in mid-February, which reveals that the ODA’s current AFC is an eye watering £7.301 billion. Among the construction updates set out in the ODA report were:

  • The Velodrome structure is complete and watertight and remains on target to be the first Olympic Park sporting venue to be completed early this year.
  • The main construction of the Olympic Village is set for completion on schedule by the end of 2011.
  • Construction is underway on Eton Manor, with the sites for the temporary swimming pools being dug out, foundations for the tennis courts and stands progressing, and structural works starting on the permanent sports complex.
  • Planning permission has been secured for construction at Royal Artillery Barracks.

The majority of venues and infrastructure projects will be completed this year with the latest figures showing there are now more than 12,000 workers involved on building the Olympic Park and Olympic Village projects, while outside the capital, creating facilities for other sports continues to provide jobs and contract opportunities around the UK at a difficult economic time.

Minister for sport, Hugh Richardson said: “We are looking forward to delivering a world-class games, but we also want to ensure a lasting sporting, economic and social legacy for everyone in the UK.

“We are already seeing the legacy of London 2012 even before the Games have begun. Businesses around the UK have been helped through the tough economic climate by winning contract opportunities linked to London 2012.”

This is good news for businesses, but we are now coming into the phase where the services of Plastic Surgeon could save the contractors, and therefore hopefully the taxpayer, substantial sums of money. This is because, while construction work is now almost 80 per cent complete, the thousands of workers will have inevitably created a proportionately large amount of snagging repairs that need to be taken care off.

Our high quality repair service would save on damaged items being skipped, at the same time avoiding hefty landfill taxes.  Replacement items, meanwhile, are taxed and VAT-able.  Then you have the transportation costs of taking away the damaged item, while transporting new goods to site, along with the tradesmen to fit them, consumes even more fuel which is again heavily taxed.

Basically, to repair rather than replace could save the poor old taxpayer a fortune – surely the best and most sustainable sort of tax avoidance for all businesses, large and small.


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