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Plastic Surgeon has repairs WRAPped up

Plastic Surgeon has repairs WRAPped up

Encouraging figures have come from the Government funded organization tasked with cutting waste and encouraging greater implementation of recycling across the industry.

Waste Recycling And Prevention, or WRAP as it is better known, has published data showing that the total amount of waste being sent to landfill by the construction companies it is monitoring fell by almost a million tonnes from 2008-2009; reaching a “still room for improvement” level of 2.2 million tonnes.

Significantly, the 32 companies covered by the report – which account for a colossal annual spend of £21 billion and include some of Plastic Surgeon’s biggest clients – have reduced their volume of waste relative to turnover. Thus clearly demonstrating their commitment to WRAP’s “Halving Waste to Landfill” initiative.

The CEO for WRAP , Dr Liz Goodwin, said, “Today’s Halving Waste to Landfill figures are just the beginning and give me confidence that industry is working hard and well on track to deliver the target by 2012. In just over two years the Halving Waste to Landfill Commitment has gone from zero to influencing nearly £38 billion worth of construction projects.

“This demonstrates that the commitment requirements are being embedded within industry, and this is delivering great results for business and the environment.” Her organization reported that there are currently there are 602 signatories to the Commitment with 280 registered to use the WRAP Waste to Landfill Reporting Portal.

Here at Plastic Surgeon, meanwhile, we have been playing our part by not only providing a service that is dedicated to repairing construction products and components, rather than replacing them, but also supplying customers with up to date figures on the tonnages of waste saved from ending up in skips.

Although 2010 saw a fall in the volume of waste that Plastic Surgeon saved – down to 1,750 tonnes due to the fall off in construction activity and the terrible winter weather – early indicators for this year hint at a return to the sort of figures achieved in 2009. After another slow start due to freezing conditions, January’s 108 tonnes grew to 162 in February: a rate of improvement which would see us easily top the 2,171 achieved two years ago.

Thanks to Plastic Surgeon’s on line tool – known as VisibilITy – which we launched last year, our customers can view details of their accounts in terms of the various repairs our finishers have carried out, along with accurate estimates of the weights save from going to landfill.

Value does not, of course, correspond to weight, but many of the heavy items the finishers repair – such as work surfaces, baths, doors and windows – can easily cost several hundred pounds to replace. Instead the finishers will frequently repair half a dozen of these in a single day’s work on site: delivering significant cost savings for the client.

Then there is often peripheral work to be done if an item is replaced, such as patching plaster and replacing tiles, all adding to the cost. And all these extra man-hours have their own carbon footprint in terms of van miles. So the savings just keep adding up – environmentally and financially.

Not using Plastic Surgeon – now that really is a waste.

Plastic Surgeon is the UK’s market leading expert in fine finishing and repair services, and the only nationwide provider. Established for over 20 years, the company was one of the founders of the fine finishing sector, now employing over 100 staff based at its headquarters in Devon and operating from seven regional centres throughout the UK.

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