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Plastic Surgeon healing hospitals

Plastic Surgeon healing hospitals

For any hospital or care home facilities manager looking to make tight budgets stretch further, then they would do well to call us at Plastic Surgeon to repair their damaged buildings. Our Finishers will also keep maintenance costs down, being that we can repair doors, windows, floors and walls, as well as scratches in all sorts of glazing across fenestration, façades, and even office partitions.

Indeed, before handover of the £73 million Cynon Valley Neighbourhood Hospital, in South Wales, we sent in a half dozen Finishers to carry out the diverse range of snagging jobs required. Externally, they removed small scratches to glazed units, using electric powered polishers and a graduation of abrasives; also, they needed to fill and rub down a large percentage of the polyester powder coated frames, and then repaint them, due to small items of damage done by other trades.

Internally, meanwhile, repairs were required to door skins and handles, as well as sanitaryware, worktops and IPS panels.

But, while this may have been a new-build, these sorts of interventions are just as frequently required from us on maintenance schemes, as well as the accidental damage we witness regularly that can happen any time in a busy care facility.

Down in Minehead, Somerset, our Finishers’ work included removing dents and other damage from external as well as internal doors, mending different types of panels including splash-backs and partitions, and polishing out scratches in glass.

In the case of a healthcare scheme in Middlesborough, there were a number of internal timber veneer doors, and external cladding panels that had been affected. If we had not re-sprayed the panels, then the whole lot would have had to be replaced. The contractor’s procurement manager placed the order for the repairs with Plastic Surgeon, because the firm’s own tradesmen simply did not have the skills or the equipment to carry out the work required.

Interestingly, hospitals and other NHS buildings in Scotland are having to cope with a £1bn bill for repairs going back several years, a report has revealed. The government-published ‘State of the Estate’ warns a maintenance backlog has left some buildings in poor condition.

Planned investment to tackle the repair backlog, combined with the sale of some NHS buildings and normal maintenance spending, would put the outstanding costs at an eye watering £535 million.

So, all you facilities managers out there caring for our hospitals, need to remember that our ability to repair will save you around three pounds for every one you spend on our Finishers – and that doesn’t include labour costs incurred when you replace something.

Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;

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