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Plastic Surgeon on Botch It Yourself

Plastic Surgeon on Botch It Yourself

Plastic Surgeon on Botch It Yourself

As we return to work after the August Bank Holiday, there will be many looking to do a bit of overtime to cover the expense of putting right a repair that has turned into a BIY disaster – either that, or they will be nursing an injury and guiltily ringing in sick….

According to the Daily Mail’s This is Money, the UK’s deluded handymen and their botch jobs cost each UK household an average of £138 annually – the equivalent of more than £3billion across the country.

Almost a quarter of people interviewed admitted to experiencing a DIY disaster, ranging from collapsing shelves to more extreme mishaps – such as falling through a ceiling or being hospitalized with a skin infection after misusing a DIY product.

220,000 do-it-yourself enthusiasts end up in hospital each year as a result of accidents in the home; injuries from tools and machinery account for around 87,000 of these, according to figures from The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). Splinters, grit, dust, dirt and other particles result in another 60,000 seeking treatment in A&E.

In reality, though, just why do people feel that they must do DIY, even if they know they’re useless at it? Are we the only country in the world with this mentality? Are we not masculine/feminine/clever or conscientious enough in looking after the home properly if we don’t attempt DIY?

Your blogger, for one, would rather call in Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers to do the repairs around the house; we learned our lesson a long time ago after a catalogue of avoidable mishaps:

• Chip caused by other half dropping a plane on Victorian decorative tile by Rayburn – eventually filled, sanded down and repainted by Plastic Surgeon Finisher.

• Chip in ceramic kitchen sink, as above.

• Bricks over fireplace re-tinted due to surrounding plastering having marked the corner edges.

• A plumbing leak stain in sitting room’s oak flooring, hidden by careful sanding and resealing.

• Several chips in in the old enamel bath were successfully filled.

• And a section of kitchen cabinet eaten by a greedy Guide Dog puppy we were training, was patched so well you can’t see where Plastic Surgeon carried out the repair work, it’s that good.

The individual cost of repairing these items over the years was actually less than £138, but if we’d gone on to try and replace them, the consequent collateral or ‘knock on’ damage could have been horrific. And it would have involved many hours of further labour, plus subsequent disposal effort; so giving it up and calling on Plastic Surgeon’s repair expertise instead represents extremely good value for money to us – and no more injuries.

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