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Plastic Surgeon Responds To Summer Shut-Down

Plastic Surgeon Responds To Summer Shut-Down

Aside from the education sector we spoke about last week, the other category of customer on our data base that gets really busy during the short summer months are the facilities managers: who make use of shut-downs to carry out disruptive maintenance work. Meaning our finishers are doing everything from repairing damaged cladding panels on industrial premises, to sprucing up the wash-basins and tiling in the executive washrooms at some of the big Premiership football grounds.

The scope of the work we undertake is as wide as the cross section of people who actually have responsibility for the condition of properties throughout their service life.  We find ourselves working in buildings ranging from flats, houses and hotels, to care homes, army barracks, student accommodation and commercial offices, as well as corporate headquarters, hospitals, police stations, shopping malls and department stores.  Plus leisure facilities such as cinemas and sports centres, and all sizes of factory or warehousing.

And our repair work is always cost-effective.  For example, by repairing such items as windows, work-surfaces, wash-basins and fitted furniture, one avoids the need to make good or replace surrounding plasterwork, tiles or other substrates. Overall, the repair option offers the speedy, straightforward and financially expedient solution.

The implications for maintenance contractors working in occupied buildings – both commercial and residential – have become steadily extended, not just by health & safety considerations, but also client expectations.  Our finishers all undergo induction training with regular update courses, which includes customer care.  Combined with our excellent record on staff retention, clients can be assured that the operatives undertaking their work will be fully versed in procedures necessary to minimize disruption.

This has proved of particular importance in Plastic Surgeon’s work within schools, colleges, and medical facilities as well as for the affordable housing sector.  The firm’s personnel understand that client care can extend from complying with security measures to respecting restrictions relating to individual occupants’ work patterns, level of vulnerability or religious faith.

Along with carrying out many different repairs in council and housing association properties, Plastic Surgeon has also worked very successfully in locations such as restaurants, shops, hotels and entertainment venues.  Here, our finishers need to be sensitive to the environment they are working in as well as the building’s occupants, as noise or/and visual intrusion can often have very costly implications for clients.

Specialising in Facilities Management – Maintenance and Repairs, Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface for housing associations across the UK. 

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