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Plastic Surgeon rises to the Challenge

Plastic Surgeon rises to the Challenge

Ensuring that the repairs we execute in all manner of building components blend in with the substrate is a key part of the service Plastic Surgeon offers, but a group of the firm’s staff took this camouflage skill to extremes last Sunday – by blending themselves into a very brown background.

Customers are used to our Finishers putting right damage to all sorts of products ranging from chipped enamel or steel baths, to cracked stone and gouged plastic window profiles.  And then there are the worksurfaces, tiles, metalwork and even glass that have suffered abrasions: all of it done as part of our approach that repair is more cost effective and environmentally friendly than replacing damaged goods.

Well, we have now added a new skill to our bursting portfolio – for a dozen of us – lead by our managing director – have raised over £1300 through sponsorship, which will be divided between Devon Air Ambulance and Armed Forces charities.  And we did this through gallantly – or foolishly, depending on your point of view – taking part in the Royal Marines Commando 10k Challenge, which involved us running through bogs and tackling the demanding assault course near the elite unit’s base at Lympstone, Devon.  This really did assault our MD, Rob Mouser, who managed to get covered in mud from head to foot – with one photo showing silty water gushing from his clothing, and glasses missing, probably at the bottom of the bog ….. well, the whole team experienced similar, starting off in pristine WHITE (big mistake) Plastic Surgeon T-shirts – but finishing the 10 kilometre course in brown, bog-coloured versions ….. matching the colour of sticky Devon clay soil, which will never wash out in a million years.

As Rob recounted before the event, “my team of 12 willing volunteers from work have a simple shared goal …. to finish alive!” And there were moments they doubted the outcome, such as being propelled through a submerged tunnel by two marines. Well they did all survive to finish in what this unfit blogger thinks was a very respectable time of two hours and 15 minutes. Though the course record is roughly one third of this.

Overall, the 2011 Challenge has already raised more than £250,000, and more money from photo and merchandise sales is yet to be counted.  Meanwhile, the damage done to the bodies of the Plastic Surgeon team – bruises, scratches, gouges and aching muscles, not to mention mud in eyes and other places – is unfortunately something we cannot repair, being that we only work on inanimate objects. Though some of the team did appear close to death come the end, everyone did agree that it was great fun – and Rob has recklessly mooted the idea of training for the 17k Extreme Commando Challenge on the 17th June next year ….. well the best of luck and well done to everyone who took part.

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