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Plastic Surgeon targets zero waste

Plastic Surgeon targets zero waste

Such has been the surge in interest regarding the environmental credentials to Plastic Surgeon’s cosmetic repair service that, for the second week running, our MD Rob Mouser has been invited to speak as part of the seminar programme running alongside a major exhibition – the ‘gig’ this time being Sustainability Live at the NEC.

For those who haven’t heard about Sustainability Live the three-day event is bringing together exhibitors and experts from all sections of industry, with the common goal of trying to reduce our environmental footprint. Designated areas of the exhibition and different seminar stages will focus on five main issues: including water management, the energy crisis and brownfield remediation.

Rob will step up to the podium in the ‘Environmental and Land Remediation Theatre’ at midday on Thursday to explain to delegates about Plastic Surgeon’s “One Planet” philosophy and how the company’s ability to repair or ‘snag’ almost any building component fits perfectly with the whole sustainability agenda. Waste reduction, in particular, is pivotal to what our task force of more than 100 Finishers is involved in for clients across the country, working in the residential, retail, education, health, commercial and leisure sectors amongst others.

As regular readers of our blog will know, Plastic Surgeon has won a number of awards for sustainability and tackling waste, and Rob’s address will spotlight the way our Finishers’ skills can literally bring building substrates ‘back from the death’, when conventional repair strategies have proved ineffectual.

Not only are we constantly developing new ways of repairing the wear and tear which affects every building site and occupied property, but the sophistication of our IT systems also reveals the volume of construction products we have saved from going to landfill: with the total for the year currently running at over 700,000 kg. And the figure for the past 12 months is an even more impressive 2,253 tonnes.

Rob’s lunchtime slot at the NEC won’t be long enough to cover all the benefits to our ever-widening service, that is also now being taken up by countless facilities managers, but it will provide those attending with a useful snapshot of our efforts. You can find out more about the work of Plastic Surgeon and our Finishers at or by following us on Twitter @finefinishers

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