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Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers Show Their Mettle

Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers Show Their Mettle

Learning how to convert quarried ores into usable metal implements – back in the Bronze and Iron Ages – was amongst the most important advancements made in the history of the human race, and opened the door for the beginning of the industrialised era.

We use steel, aluminium, brass, copper and other metals in almost every walk of life; and consequently they are constantly open to damage which can either disfigure them, or even render them unusable.

This is the reason we at Plastic Surgeon have developed a range of repair techniques able to restore the very many different kinds of metal surface to their former pristine appearance, when accidents occur.

Our Finishers all go through a succession of training courses that continue throughout their career with Plastic Surgeon; many sessions being targeted at dealing with dents, scrapes, scratches, holes and other damage done to metal surfaces.

Amongst the items we repair on a regular basis are sinks, doors, window frames, cladding panels, partitions, filing cabinets, trims, signage and other fittings throughout the built environment.

Some minor scratches can be literally polished out using the variety of abrasives and rubbing compounds, including ‘jeweller’s rouge’, that the Finishers carry in their van stock. They also have electrically powered polishers that can be employed if circumstances dictate.

Then often in domestic or commercial situations, the depth of the damage will warrant employing the proprietary two-pack fillers that Plastic Surgeon has adopted. Rapid hardening and very resilient, these will be packed in to a level fractionally proud of the original surface ready to be smoothed back. This is a technique used extensively on painted metal cladding panels, aluminium window frames and steel garage doors.

All of our Finishers are exhaustively trained in the art of colour matching, generally mixing their own pigments to exactly replicate the original finish and level of sheen. This becomes even more important where the product or other building element has been given a factory applied coating such as a polyester powder paint system.

Each surface has its own characteristic shine, texture or patination to be replicated. Successfully achieving this is a key aspect to the comprehensive repair service we provide, which is why we are increasingly being called upon by homeowners and the big insurance companies: repairing and saving items from replacement, rather than wastefully condemning them to landfill.

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