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Plastic Surgeon’s gold, silver and bronze finish

Plastic Surgeon’s gold, silver and bronze finish

Like most of the nation, your blogger has been transfixed by the efforts of our cyclists, rowers, sailors, horse-riders and other athletes taking part in the London Olympics. Over the past weekend in particular, it seemed there was rarely more than an hour would pass without one of Team GB claiming a place on the winner’s podium.

So sifting through the recent project worksheets at the headquarters of Team Plastic Surgeon this morning, it was inevitable that our Finisher’s own efforts at achieving Gold, Silver and Bronze would stand out from the rest.

Therefore in third place we report from an historic venue in London where one of the Finishers was given the task of restoring some ornate examples of bronze ironmongery fitted to the internal doors. For while polishing out scratches in curved metal surfaces is a very difficult task in itself, we were also required to replicate the patina that is built up over the years.

This was achieved by adding different pigments of paint to our lacquer system in order to build up a finish with depth and colour as well as just a level of polish or reflectance. Other work has been done by our Finishers in museums and art galleries across the country, but the bronze restoration makes it onto the bottom step of the podium.

Our silver challenge came in the shape of two large corrugated cladding panels at the Langage Energy Centre in Plymouth, which had suffered some very visible knocks during the build process. The specialist sub-contractor, SA Roofing Limited called us in to make repairs rather than replacing them, which led to one of our Finishers being suspended from a crane in a man-basket, more than half way up a 220 foot chimney. Unfazed by the dizzying position, our operative proceeded to fill and smooth back the areas of damage, including a series of puncture holes. Repainted in the bespoke silver finish, the repair areas were given a final lacquer coat to protect them from the marine atmosphere and driving rain affecting such an exposed setting.

Finally, top place on the podium goes to two of our Finishers who have been – like many of Team GB’s medal winners – out on the water. Rather than a dinghy or a rowing boat, though, they have been hard at work on a cruise ship, tackling a wide range of cosmetic repairs in the passenger cabins.

With the ship’s purser only being able to organise short access slots with the occupants, normally while they are at meals, this has very much been a race against the clock. The gold bath taps have been a particular challenge, with often deep scratches or other damage to be addressed.

As is increasingly the case with the new categories of work being won by Plastic Surgeon with the big insurance companies and facilities management companies, it is not just the physical skill of our Finishers that stands out in accomplishing complex repairs. It is our ability to coordinate with client organisations and building occupants that in many cases makes the service so valuable.

The chances are none of our staff will ever be crowned Olympic champions, but they are very definitely all team players who work very hard.

Finally we’d like to wish our athletes good luck and continuing success for the second week of London 2012.

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