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Record landfill waste savings

Record landfill waste savings

Record landfill waste savings

Plastic Surgeon has analysed its company statistics for 2016, revealing that across more than half a million repair jobs carried out in the year, the firm saved 2,974 tonnes of waste product from entering landfill.

During 2016, Plastic Surgeon, which operates throughout the UK, recorded 578,435 individual repairs as part of its services, saving 117,754 items from the need to be replaced. This high number of repairs, meant that 2,974 tonnes of waste were prevented from going to landfill – more than the weight of 200 double-decker buses.

The 2016 statistics demonstrated the firm repaired 23,335 internal doors, 11,838 windows, 9,479 external doors, 7,629 work tops and 5,072 cills, making these the top 5 repaired item types. Cabinets, baths and cupboards were amongst the remaining most repaired articles.

Rob Mouser, Managing Director of Plastic Surgeon, said: “We’re absolutely delighted to see our increase again this year. To think that, as a company, we’ve saved more than the weight of over 200 double-decker buses from being sent to landfill is remarkable!”

He continued: “ from landfill is a key part of our offering at Plastic Surgeon. As population increases, landfill sites are becoming ever more problematic.  An environmentally friendly approach is essential and our repairs help both businesses and home owners take a green approach to maintenance.”

Plastic Surgeon operates across a wide range of industries including housebuild, construction, cruise, facilities management, manufacturing and retail amongst others. Specific sectors mean the influence of repair is diverse, with facilities management seeing internal and external surface repair conducted in commercial premises, universities, catering establishments and more, reversing the effects of both accidental damage and natural wear and tear.

Home owners and landlords as part of Plastic Surgeon’s insurance repair service also benefit from the firm’s capabilities, meaning items can be repaired rather than replaced.

Rob continued: “Our primary market targets businesses directly, but we’re seeing increased interest from homeowners and landlords as they recognise the value of repair. Repairing surface damage is far more cost effective than opting to replace entirely.”

Plastic Surgeon has seen rapidly rising demand for its specialised services, and has over 155 directly employed repair specialists – or Finishers – across its seven UK regions, all trained in a variety of restoration skills.

In 2016, the firm launched a specific Scottish division which serves to emphasise its dedicated team in the region, as well as its UK wide coverage.

Plastic Surgeon has invested in developing new repair techniques and as a result it offers repair solutions for the widest possible selection of building substrates including masonry, metal, glass, ceramics and plastics.

Rob concluded: “2016 has been an excellent year for Plastic Surgeon and we hope that we’ll continue to build on this in 2017. The more we save from landfill the better and we’re hoping that our saving stats for the coming year continue to go up and up as people recognise the value of the service we offer.”

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