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Repair recruits class of 2013 still growing

Repair recruits class of 2013 still growing

Repair recruits class of 2013 still growing

As the UK’s only national cosmetic repair specialist – and rapidly becoming an international one with all the work under way for the world’s top cruise companies – Plastic Surgeon is constantly striving to ensure we can match customer demands for repair technicians: which means having to recruit and train new Finishers for national jobs.

So while many companies are looking round for somewhere to book their Christmas party, we were putting four new faces through the rigorous induction and instruction process which ensures they are able to carry out top quality repair work when they get out in the field.

In fact with recruitment being a continuing process, this is the seventh training course we have run at our West Country headquarters this year; meaning the Class of 2013 stands at an all-time record of 29. And despite a couple of people leaving the company to pursue other careers, the strength of the field workforce has grown to 114 Finishers amongst a total staff of 144.

So who are the new quartet? Well despite the fact Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers span the full age range and both sexes, the latest intake are all blokes in their twenties; though they do all come from different regions and with diverse work backgrounds.

Craig signed up to work with our North Western team which has been particularly busy in recent times with contracts on major commercial as well as retail and residential developments in cities such as Liverpool. Craig has previously plied his trade as a general builder and telecoms engineer, so he should have the dexterity needed to become a good Finisher.

Likewise Daniel, aiming to bolster the strength of the South West team, whose time as a plasterer and home care worker will have taught him the trowel skills which can come into play when repairing a range of building substrates.

Then signing up for our Scotland team is a lad called Gordie who was previously in the RAF as well as having worked for Scottish & Northumbrian Water. Completing the latest line up to check into The Cromwell Arms Hotel in Bovey Tracey for the start of a tough two-week training course is Oliver, who is lined up to join our Southern team. As well as spending several years as a painter and decorator, Oliver was also a trainee tattooist – so no problem if someone wants an image of a snake or a skull etched into the enamel of their kitchen sink.

Whatever a person’s previous experience, the first test they are given is to confirm their ability to distinguish colour properly – as red/green colour blindness actually affects some five per cent of the population; and mixing colour by eye on site is an essential part of most repairs. Then it is onto the basics of learning how to prepare, fill and smooth back areas of damage in a range of substrates including timber, laminate, stone and ceramics.

Presuming they pass the first stages under the supervision of Plastic Surgeon’s Training Manager, Ian, then Craig, Gordie, Daniel and Oliver will return to their regional bases where they will begin work with an experienced Finisher who mentors them as they build up their experience.

Any service provider is only as good as the people it sends out into the field and Plastic Surgeon is determined its Finishers continue to offer customers unrivalled standards. Picking the right people and training them properly is why we have continued to grow our business throughout the recession.

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