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Save Our Surfaces campaign launch at Ecobuild

Save Our Surfaces campaign launch at Ecobuild

save-our-surfacesVisitors to this year’s Ecobuild will be able to see for themselves a range of live surface repair techniques taking place in the Save Our Surfaces Repair Clinic – to mark the launch of the nationwide Save Our Surfaces Campaign.

Launched by the UK’s national surface repair specialist – Plastic Surgeon – skilled Finishers from the company will be repairing a range of surfaces throughout Ecobuild to highlight the campaign and show the construction and house building sectors how, by taking a Repair not Replace approach to damaged surfaces on site, not only can many millions of pounds be collectively saved by not having to replace damaged items but by doing so, prevent thousands of tonnes of surfaces from going to landfill.

ecobuildIn addition to seeing some of the repair techniques used, visitors to the stand will also be able to see the difference repaired surfaces can make, thanks to the on-stand repair gallery and be able to join the campaign there and then.

Companies and individuals signing up to the campaign will benefit from a range of support including information and advice on how to prevent damage happening, a regular e-newsletter, case studies on best practice, a free downloadable app called Snag Reporter to help compile Repair Snagging Lists and a specially created Repair Reporter enabling businesses to record information on their own repairs, showing the value and difference their repair has made.

“We are delighted to be launching the Save Our Surfaces Campaign at Ecobuild. The construction sector alone is responsible for creating some 120 million tones of waste every year*. The objective of the Save Our Surfaces campaign is to help reduce the amount of unnecessary waste that is created – by highlighting just what can be repaired – when the first instinct has traditionally been to replace damaged surfaces,” said Plastic Surgeon MD Rob Mouser.

“Every year thousands of businesses – from construction firms, house building companies and schools and hospitals through to Local Authorities and Housing Associations – will rip out and replace items such as kitchen worktops, doors, cupboards, shower trays, baths and sinks, metal panels and brickwork unnecessarily because they have been scratched, chipped, punctured or had sections in some way damaged.

“What many of them do not realize is that much of that damage could be fully repaired not only saving thousands of pounds in replacement and labour costs but preventing those replaced items from having to go to landfill,” he added.

“The Save Our Surfaces Campaign is about changing attitudes to damage and getting businesses to think Repair first, as an effective repair can be virtually undetectable to the eye and ensure a damaged item does not need to be thrown away. A change in approach can make a big difference as it is estimated that for every £1 spent on a repair, a business is saving £3 on replacement costs, excluding labour” he concluded.

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