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Specialist repair skills enhance bricks at Huller House luxury apartments

Specialist repair skills enhance bricks at Huller House luxury apartments

Specialist repair skills enhance bricks at Huller House luxury apartments

Plastic Surgeon has used its specialist repair skills to present seamless brickwork in a newly renovated building.

Huller House is a former cheese factory in Bristol, and the original building dates back to the 1800s.

With its cheese making days long in the past, the building has recently undergone an extensive renovation that has seen it turned into a set of 50 luxury apartments.

Located on the waterfront of Bristol’s Floating Harbour, Huller House is in one of the city’s most coveted areas thanks to the harbour’s cosmopolitan mix of shopping, dining and entertainment.

Given the popularity of its location, the developers were keen to ensure that the standards of the project were high so as to encourage the right interest from its high-end target market.

With aesthetics playing a major factor, main contractor Dawnus Construction had incorporated much of the building’s original brickwork as part of the internal design of the apartments, with the inclusion of this feature emphasising the building’s heritage.

The process for this saw the firm infilling new bricks in order to create a seamless transition between the exposed older bricks and any newly plastered internal walls, or newly installed features. With some of the original brickwork being nearly 200 years old and showing obvious signs of age, the new bricks presented too much of a contrast thanks to the inevitable fading that had occurred over time. Dawnus recognised that a specialist skillset was required to try and blend the two brick types into a uniform finish that didn’t betray an obvious difference in age.

Having worked with Plastic Surgeon many times in the past, Dawnus called upon our services to get the job done. The resulting work saw a team of 4 Fine Finishers brought in to complete the job of ‘tinting’ the brickwork and ensuring an even match between the two types.

Over the course of 4 weeks, the team carried out work in all 50 of the apartments involved in the project.

The process behind the tinting involved using a specialised tinting agent that we colour matched by eye to create the correct effect that left the new brick looking old and faded. The material was applied by hand to make sure the work stayed localised to each brick, as each brick had individual, differing details. This level of attention helped ensure that the two types offered the right degree of similarity.

The team at Dawnus was delighted with the finished work, which helped to ensure the apartments were in excellent condition for the client handover upon completion.

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