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Stones and glass houses …

Stones and glass houses …

We know the above two materials are not the ideal bed partners, but unfortunately in real life, the two do frequently meet … the stone flying up from a passing car, maybe, or tossed in the wrong direction by an over-excited child … The result being that conservatory repair becomes necessary, to either the glazing or framework.

The worst scenario is that a pane of glass needs replacing.  The best being that the glazing has received just a scratch or chip.

But instead of reaching for the phone book to look for conservatory glass or frame repair, why not call us at Plastic Surgeon?  Because rather than go to all the expense and bother of ordering a new glazing unit – with a specialist fitter normally being needed to remove and replace the beads and seals – our finishers can simply repair the damage. Chips are filled and smoothed while even quite deep scratches can be polished out; feathering the repair edges to avoid visual distortion.

Conservatory repair can also involve one of our finishers rectifying accidental damage done to the framing – timber, PVC-U, GRP, steel, aluminium or even stone and brick.  We have a conservatory repair solution for practically any material under the sun.  Once the dent, gouge or scratch has been filled, our finisher will than hand-mix a coating to disguise his or her repair.  The colour, finish, and texture of the substrate will be replicated exactly, down to the grain in timber, the silicates found in stone, or the rich hues in fired clay bricks.  Even if it means getting the finest artists paintbrush out to achieve the best result.

So for the poor old homeowner, or even business owner, who is paying out more and more for the luxury of inhabiting the planet through taxation and rising utility bills, don’t forget us at Plastic Surgeon.  Even if your conservatory is looking tired around the edges, when perhaps you want to sell your house, we can spruce it up at a fraction of the cost of replacing any of the parts.

Repairing a conservatory rather than replacing expensive elements of it is a no-brainer – with our finisher able to carry out all of the above in-situ at your address. Such interventions often take under two hours; saving you money, mess and disruption.

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