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Recycling isn’t the top priority

Recycling isn’t the top priority

According to the widely used waste hierarchy, recycling is only 4th on the list of priorities. The top priority is to eliminate waste, by not creating it in the first place.

Our customer facing VisibilITy system helps to eliminate waste, by identifying and controlling the causes. By showing you which items are most commonly damaged, which sites require the most repairs and why and where the damage is occurring. Using VisibilITy, our customers can carry out cost-analysis which, when cross referenced with their own material costs highlight the total savings.

Once the additional labour costs involved in replacing a damaged item, along with the inevitable disruption on site, have been factored in, the choice of repair over replacement can be easily made.

Our unique repair systems and specialist repair techniques help you meet the second priority to reduce waste, by repairing damaged interior or exterior surfaces in-situ.

Thirdly, we help you re-use as many items as possible with fine finishing systems that extend lifecycles, preventing replacement or refurbishment.

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