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Technical VisibilITy rewarded

Technical VisibilITy rewarded

Plastic Surgeon has been shortlisted as a finalist for the ‘Best use of Technology’ category in Construction News Awards 2011.  This accolade is down to the fact that we were able to demonstrate the way we use technology to improve our performance and service to clients.

But it is hardly surprising that we won this, when you come to think about it.  After all, Plastic Surgeon has been operating for over 20 years, and just last year, we pulled all our experience together with the launch of our reporting software VisibilITY.

VisibilITy helps our customers plan and budget for repair requirements on future building projects, as well as report on existing schemes. It is an online service that provides real time data and analysis of the repairs we undertake across the country.

The IT tool is the outcome of many internal systems functioning together to produce a result that provides benefit to the customer in terms of service levels, response times, data accuracy and invaluable cost as well as waste savings.

From the moment the client places an order with our customer services team, the digital process begins.  All order details are entered into the “Controlled Order System” which works with the client to ensure that any orders placed fulfill the requirements set by their head office.  These can range from simply ensuring that valid purchase order numbers are provided, to more complicated requirements such as including checks to ensure that authorisation has been obtained from a designated contact at head office.

Managing Director, Rob Mouser, explains further: “The success of the project has come from our desire to have an entirely paperless order process. Once an order is placed, it is instantly dispatched via Plastic Surgeon’s bespoke Mobile Finisher software directly to the handset of the finisher who has been assigned the work. The software contains all the details the operative needs to complete the work.

“Not only does this software greatly improve the company’s response time but also improves its data accuracy. Any updates on the progress of an order are instantly fed back into the head office systems within minutes. We are thrilled to be selected as a finalist at the prestigious Construction News Awards.”

Plastic Surgeon employs a workforce of over 110, with nearly 100 finishers, operations and sales managers based out in the field throughout the UK. With such a large national customer base, it is vital that our level of communication is consistent, while visibility of information is very important in order to maintain the high level of customer service of which we are so proud.

Plastic Surgeon is the UK’s market leading expert in fine finishing and repair services, and the only nationwide provider. Established for over 20 years, the company was one of the founders of the fine finishing sector, now employing over 100 staff based at its headquarters in Devon and operating from seven regional centres throughout the UK.

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