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The Building Industry’s Answer To M.A.S.H.

The Building Industry’s Answer To M.A.S.H.

Fans of the cult Korean War comedy featuring such characters as Hawkeye, Trapper John and Klinger, will not need reminding that the acronym in the show’s titles stood for Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, nor that in several episodes the top brass insisted on the camp being broken down and re-erected elsewhere – on one occasion just the other side of the road.

In the case of our own surgical activities, the journeys and the frequencies of travel are rather greater the US Army medical team even managed. However, despite the distances covered by our finishers – and the diversity of the they carry out, can be absolutely certain about the number of miles they have travelled over recent years, and the location of every intervention.

This is because back in March 2005 Plastic Surgeon made a major investment in hand-held computers for all the Finishers out in the field, so that they could be allocated tasks more quickly and with a greater level of efficiency; while record keeping has been revolutionized.

In fact more than a staggering 1.6 million repairs have been carried out by the finishers for thousands of different clients since that date. Yet each one is minutely logged in terms of the address details, duration, nature of the work carried out and the identity of the person ordering and agreeing the job. The hand held units we refer to as our Mobile Finishers can even be used to send photographs of the finished work, or to seek guidance from the company’s technical support service.

Not only do the Mobile Finishers run on special software developed in-house by Plastic Surgeon, but in 2010, we also launched our new VisibilITy package which offers clients detailed feedback on all the work we do for them. This includes billing information, details of the various building components repaired, and even estimates of the tonnages of waste saved from going to landfill.

Despite the seriousness of the conflict covered, M.A.S.H has always managed to make people laugh. And while Plastic Surgeon isn’t in business to save lives, to listen to some of our customers you’d think we had; and we always aim to leave them smiling.

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