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The Finisher Upper for Fixer-uppers

The Finisher Upper for Fixer-uppers

From DIY home improvements to the restoration of listed buildings, the UK’s RMI sector (repair, maintenance and improvement) turns over billions of pounds every year, while also throwing up thousands of different practical challenges; many of which end up being dealt with by our highly trained Finishers; Plastic Surgeon being the country’s foremost specialist in the cosmetic repair of various building substrates and components.

It is fair to say that there is no such thing as a typical week for one of our Finishers with the national call centre allocating them new tasks as customers book them across the regions: taking our operatives to all types of private and public properties including shops, hotels, top class restaurants or roadside snack-bars, schools, hospitals, libraries and museums as well as stately homes and more humble sized dwellings. I’ll come to some of the most recent examples in a minute.

Critical to the successful completion of any of our cosmetic repairs is the care with which the contours and colour of the original surface are reproduced by the Finisher; which is why everyone has a thorough eye test before they can commence the intensive training courses – primarily to ensure they aren’t colour blind.

When the press or potential new customers visit our national headquarters, the MD’s ‘party trick’ is to give them a hammer (plus a pair of goggles) and invite them to smash a hole in a laminate bath. With the damage done and their signature scrawled on the back so they can be sure we don’t substitute a different one, our training manager takes it away for repair.

It’s no exaggeration to say most people are amazed when it comes back an hour or so later with not a scratch visible on the surface of the bath. Which is why we have won major contracts with clients such Edinburgh City Council for the repair or recoating of baths – as well as other maintenance work – across the Scottish capital’s huge housing stock.

Wash basins, toilets, shower trays, sinks and worksurfaces can all receive similar treatment as our Finishers save customers the trouble and huge cost of replacing such items; as well as stopping hundreds of tonnes of building components from going to landfill.

Scratched or gouged timber, uPVC, metal and composite doors & windows are another common focus for call-outs; especially as building projects come close to completion – and Plastic Surgeon recently had a team of Finishers totally re-spraying the majority of windows in a new commercial building on Liverpool’s historic waterfront, close by the Three Graces.

And although it was the frames that had suffered from the carelessness of sub-contractors in this case, we have also trained a number of our Finishers to carry out glass repairs: using electric powered sanders to gradually polish out any chips or even graffiti scratches with a graduation of abrasives. The trick here is to feather out the repair area without causing any visual distortion.

Outside, our teams carry out a huge variety of repairs that can range from re-tinting bricks that may have been stained or do not match earlier batches, right up to reforming intricate pieces of stonework. Down on the South Coast, for example, three of our Finishers restored a series of stone columns around a parapet which had been all but eaten away by wind and rain.

And a couple of weeks back, the facilities manager at a London firm of solicitors invited us to repair an ugly crack in the stone cladding alongside the entrance to the building’s garage.

Not surprisingly the firm was as concerned about our health and safety procedures as well as our practical skills, but with all the relevant paperwork submitted, and a successful trial completed, we have a long list of tasks to tackle as the new customer seeks to smarten up its premises. And actually, work such as this for building managers or facilities managers is a rapidly growing feature of our activities.

There aren’t many building materials or components which we can’t mend, and we are developing new repair techniques all the time, so whatever scarred section of building interior or exterior you are staring at and wondering how much it will cost to replace, why not give us a call at Plastic Surgeon and find out how little it might cost to repair.

Plastic Surgeon can restore almost any damaged interior or exterior surface in commercial or residential buildings. Thanks to specialist training the company’s finishers are expert in repairing and fine finishing practically any material including;

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