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The hidden cost of shopping and services

The hidden cost of shopping and services

The hidden cost of shopping and services

I often hear that we live in a consumer driven society or economy – and one where the population’s spend is slowly shifting from the High Street to out-of-town stores and the Internet as people seek to maximise their buying power. And this is particularly the case with large items, such as furniture, or cookers and washing machines, which often have to be delivered.

What most of us don’t realize, however, is that no matter what sort of bargain you secure, there can be a hidden cost in terms of the accidental damage caused by retailers’ delivery drivers or other hauliers, when they are attempting to get your new purchase into position. And all too often you don’t notice that scratch on the flooring or the dent in the front door until the culprits have disappeared, and then you’re going to have real trouble proving who did it.

Even if you can get the firm involved to agree to having been responsible for any damage caused, it still often leaves homeowners a very long way from getting things put right as the matter gets put in the hands of an insurance company, that then disputes the cost of replacing the item involved. Cases often drag on for months, and any cash compensation settlement may not actually be enough to cover ‘new for old’ replacement.

Help is at hand though in the shape of our highly skilled Finishers, who are trained in a variety of repair techniques appropriate to rectifying all those niggly little scratches, gouges and other marks caused by carelessly manoeuvring that three-piece suite or widescreen television.

And when it is an actual installation rather than a drop off, the potential for collateral damage increases accordingly: as one of our Finishers found out when he was called to a property where a satellite dish had just been fitted to the outside wall.

Unfortunately, the engineer had drilled through the brickwork in such a position that the bit had put a long gouge across the face of the uPVC front door; and the occupant had contacted the company involved immediately seeking redress.

Luckily Plastic Surgeon has a contract with the satellite company involved and so a timeslot was immediately agreed for the repair to be carried out; with the client being sent a confirmation from head office giving details of which Finisher would attend, including the registration number of his van.

In less than a couple of hours the damage was filled, smoothed back, colour matched and sealed to ensure a lasting repair was achieved. And it was the same story when a pair of delivery drivers from a national retailer managed to pull a drawer front and the top part of a cupboard door away while positioning a new washing machine.

This time the Finisher involved had a more serious job on his hands as closer inspection showed that not only was the drawer runner bent out of shape, but the carcass of the cupboard had also split.

Our operative managed to glue the carcass back together and realign the runner, before executing the more visible repairs to the damaged fronts. The combination of our special Cold Weld Gel and layers of filler rebuilt the profile before all that training of mixing colours by eye enabled him to blend in the repair areas without having to repaint the entire sections.

Our work files at Plastic Surgeon are full of similar outcomes where the substrate that has been damaged was a sink, work-surface, table top, metal cooker hood or even glass. In every case we have an intervention that can make building components or furniture as good as new, and that’s good for the environment, because repair is the sustainable alternative to replacement. And as Plastic Surgeon is now partnering with a number of the UK’s biggest insurance companies, there is a good chance the work won’t even cost you anything.

We buy new things for our homes to make them look good, so don’t have that retail buzz spoilt by some stupid piece of damage; just get in touch with Plastic Surgeon.

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