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Top home décor trends 2015

Top home décor trends 2015

Top home décor trends 2015

According to recent survey of 3,186 homeowners undertaken by Terrys Fabrics, the interior of the average British home is valued at £15,215.

So, whether you’ve just got on the housing ladder, are fitting out your dream home, or considering a buy-to-let investment, then getting the interior right is obviously going to cost. And in an effort to avoid mistakes, a good option is to get bang up to date with the latest trend predictions for this year, which are as follows:


  • Craftsman artistry – one piece of handmade furniture will immediately make everything else in the room look more expensive.
  • Texture – think rich, brown leather, 70s upholstery and curtains, complemented by hand-woven fabrics, beads offset by your own textile art.
  • Layering – throws, cushions, rugs, pouffes and even pot plants make a home look more lived in; they should seem as though they’ve been collected over time and should be ‘edited’ occasionally to avoid looking cluttered.
  • Tweaks on Midcentury Modern Furniture – but remember, this look can be updated with additions from around the world.
  • Black – black accents in a room, such as light fittings, faux fur – impractical though, as like a black car, always shows the dirt.
    Brass and black.
  • Rope – chairs, on door handles, stools, tassels, macramé.
  • Fringes – on rugs, curtains, on macramé, lampshades.
  • Tech – souless, textureless, need to ‘landscape’ around it with organic materials. TV frames are going to be in – from ornate guilt to leather and fabric.

To sum up: Think 70s

What’s definitely out:

  • Taxidermy
  • Too perfect everything
  • Clutter

Respondents to Terrys Fabrics’ survey were also asked to estimate the value of each of the rooms in their house according to the expense of the contents, including all appliances, electrical goods and furniture. The average cost of each room is as follows:

  1. Hallway – £413
  2. Lounge – £5,831
  3. Dining Room – £1,620
  4. Kitchen – £3,981
  5. Master Bedroom – £1,567
  6. Second Bedroom – £599
  7. Third Bedroom – £301
  8. Bathroom – £903

Wanting to delve a little deeper, the homeowners were asked to reveal which items they spent the most money on. The top five most expensive purchases by Britons for their homes were revealed as follows:

  1. Sofa – 26%
  2. Television – 21%
  3. Kitchen Units – 14%
  4. Fridge – 9%
  5. Oven – 7%

To conclude, if you go with the design principles of the 1970s, you won’t go far wrong.  Your blogger, though, who grew up in this era, is very pleased that this trend does not include the prerequisite green avocado bathroom suite.

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