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Very strange ‘claims’ to fame

Very strange ‘claims’ to fame

Very strange ‘claims’ to fame

In these difficult economic times, it makes absolute sense to rent out your holiday home to try and make ends meet – who wouldn’t do it, what with the exorbitant cost of council tax, maintenance etc? But a word of caution if you’re thinking of renting: it is wise to never forget that us humans can be strange and accident-prone creatures, so to make sure that you are not hit by costly repair work after your guests have left, it is sagacious to ensure that your properly and its contents are insured at all times.

Indeed, our business at Plastic Surgeon involves undertaking cosmetic repair work for some of the biggest names in the insurance industry, saving them many thousands of pounds annually, and thus helping to keep the cost of insurance down. We routinely repair accidental damage done both in the home and around business premises, to items such as shower trays, sinks, toilets and baths, as well as doors, window cills, tiling and, most commonly, kitchen worktops – all at a fraction of the price that these products would cost to replace.

Our Finishers’ job sheets do sound a little mundane though, after reading data released by a big holiday home insurer, which has revealed the strangest claims it has dealt with over the past 12 months…..

The top ten are as follows…

1. The owner of a holiday home in Spain returned to inspect his property after he had let it to a group of young people in their 20s for two weeks, to find that they had created an indoor beach including sand and water to emulate the sea.

2. A swan was flying happily through the air, completely unaware of a set of high voltage power cables in its flight path, which it duly hit. The poor creature had the shock of its life and dived straight for the roof of a holiday home underneath, crashing through it and leaving a big ragged hole.

3. At a holiday home in France, a cow walked over a swimming pool cover, which not unsurprisingly gave way and caused it to take an involuntary dip in the pool; resulting in considerable damage to the pool and the need for a winch to rescue the distraught bovine.

4. Following a rental, a holiday homeowner made a gory discovery; he found blood splattered all over carpets and walls. After further investigation, he discovered a makeshift cardboard coffin containing a pig’s head in the bin, suggesting that a sacrifice had taken place at his property.

5. Holiday guests staying in a Spanish property moved items of furniture from inside the holiday home they were renting – including a sofa, single bed and chest of drawers – into the shallow end of the swimming pool. They had been under the influence of alcohol and claimed they ‘couldn’t remember’ why they had done it.

6. A particularly passionate couple managed to not only badly scratch the wooden floor by making the bed move violently, but also broke the bed along with the bedside lamp and table. They were, apparently, very apologetic.

7. A young couple tried to pursue a claim against the owner of their holiday apartment in Spain on the basis that both bed sheets and towels were ‘too hard’ and caused scratches and irritations on the skin, which prevented them from using the pool and sunbathing comfortably.

8. A holiday cottage in Devon needed completely redecorating after the guests renting it had decided to have an indoor barbecue on the flagstone floor due to bad weather.

9. One unsuspecting holiday property owner in Italy was shocked to find out that his guests had turned his house into a brothel during a four-week rental period, resulting in the need for a deep clean and replacement of soft furnishings.

10. A lady in her late 30s from Manchester sought compensation from the owner of her holiday home in Marbella as the gravel on the driveway ‘had wrecked’ four pairs of her designer stilettos and forced her to replace them with new ones.

While all of these cases were fully investigated, not all were successful. So if you can’t get your repair done through your insurance company, just come to us direct to get your holiday home looking pristine for next season.

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