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Increased VisibilITy for housebuilders

Increased VisibilITy for housebuilders

Increased VisibilITy for housebuilders

Plastic Surgeon’s regular clients such as Barratts are well aware that the company offers far more than some ‘man with a van’ patch repairs, but the sophistication of the service goes well beyond the variety and consistency of the techniques which have been developed, extending instead to the overall professionalism and logistical back up that is on offer.

As Richard Moreton and Ian Finney, Plastic Surgeon’s key account managers for the housebuilding sector can attest, the big players in this highly competitive market are already seeing the benefits of 3 having been made available. The customer specific, on-line information was already useful to them, but the new improved version has raised the bar in a number of crucial ways.

Richard Moreton recounts:

“The big builders have found VisibilITy useful in a number of ways, probably most so in respect of their paperwork or administration. We always send out completion reports with our invoices, but they might stay with accounts while a quantity surveyor still wants to look at that report without contacting ourselves.

“Even more positively now with VisibilITy 3, they can track an order from the very beginning; and that will benefit the ‘customer care’ teams – the people who are dealing with purchasers during the 12 month or two year guarantee period – who need us to rectify a chip in a washbasin or a shrinkage crack in plasterwork. They can review the status: whether it is a waiting booking, which morning or afternoon it will be done. And for visits to occupied property the system will even have the identity of the Finisher and the registration number of their van.”

Ian Finney confirms the system’s value saying:

“These are busy people and they like the ‘at a glance’ information in the summary report which VisibilITy offers them. And the customer care departments will be the ones most likely to utilize the real time reporting of progress on a job – it is a very visible summary.

“Also, VisibilITy can enable managers to understand where damage is occurring, and therefore how to reduce it. Then the breakdown of the work carried out also underlines that our cost per repair – depending on the severity of the damage – is often coming down to between £20 and £30 a time. So it is all about economies in housebuilding. Compare that with the cost to the developer of replacing items like baths, basins or windows and work-surfaces. Importantly they can view high-res images of the damaged area, before the repair, and the outcome with it all concealed.”

As the housing market continues to recover and the number of homes being built around the country rises, it is likely the workload for the developers’ customer care teams will mirror the increase in activity; and all parties will therefore benefit from the time and logistical advantages of VisibilITy 3.

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