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Walkie Talkie to wear shades

Walkie Talkie to wear shades

Walkie Talkie to wear shades

We Brits love discussing the weather, and soon we will be moaning that it’s too hot – indeed, a friend of mine had a good whinge on Friday about the sun wilting her newly planted seedlings.

But, after the wettest February on record, better weather has seemed a long time in coming – and as a dog owner, your blogger has been enjoying the long spells of sunshine as being far preferable to drying out soggy dog towels and raincoats. There is as spot in the capital, though, where they have come to dread hot summer days.

So as I sit here, looking out of the window and seeing the sun, I feel fortunate that I live nowhere near the newly built Walkie-Talkie development in London – also known as 20 Fenchurch Street – and am instead looking at a budding Maple tree. For although a permanent sunshade is now going to be attached to the structure’s concave glass frontage, to prevent the reflected heat causing the sort of damage seen last year, locals remain concerned. Not surprising when you look back at the news stories showing parked cars with their coachwork and trim melted while carpets inside some of the shops were scorched.

In September, while the £200m building was still under construction, business owners in Eastcheap complained the Rafael Vinoly designed skyscraper had blistered paintwork, caused tiles to smash and singed fabric. The scorching heat even melted the wing mirror and warped panels on a parked Jaguar.

While in our past life as an automobile body repair company, Plastic Surgeon might have been asked to get involved with repairing the Jag and other types of car – the sort of singeing we regularly deal with these days is normally due to hot pans having been placed on kitchen worktops; or in one case a student putting a lighted candle in the soap holder to their GRP shower pod.

These types of repair are normally tackled by cutting out the damaged plastic/GRP or laminate, and rebuilding the area with two-component filler, before colour matching the surface. In fact our Finishers routinely repair wood, marble, granite, slate and almost every other building substrate.

It could be argued that most damage we deal with is avoidable. In the case of the Walkie Talkie, for instance, lecturer in architecture at the University of Nottingham, Philip Oldfield, said he was “flabbergasted” that the project team for such a high profile structure had failed to discover the glare problem during the modelling and testing phase.

The owner of the Jaguar got about a grand in compensation, reflecting the premium prices charged for work by car dealerships – but using our services to repair your scorched, scratched or dented building components will usually cost you far less than this. Not only is “repair rather than replace” our mantra, we reckon to save our clients at least £3 for every £1 they spend on our services.

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