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World Sustainability Day demands fresh action

World Sustainability Day demands fresh action

World Sustainability Day demands fresh action

It is now well accepted that if the world’s population lived as we do in the west, according to the WWF, then we would need three planets to sustain us. So it is not surprising that as we should have been celebrating the life-sustaining role of the earth on April 22nd, a date set aside for decades – that a leading British institution criticized our collective failure to curb our environmental wastefulness.

According to the Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management (CIWEM), no bona fide improvements for the environment or society have occurred over the last 50 years. In its latest report, endorsed by the Society for the Environment, CIWEM says ‘it is time to end the green washing, and increase the rigour of sustainability.’

The report, Re-framing Sustainable Development: A critical analysis, says that too often, sustainability is used to ‘green wash.’ CIWEM proposes that the current definition should be reframed with a more robust and testable definition of a sustainable action, by which projects or proposals can be considered: ‘to be sustainable, an action must not lead, or contribute, to depletion of a finite resource or use of a resource exceeding its regeneration rate.’

The above quote could not be a more accurate description of our work at Plastic Surgeon: based on our repair rather than replace ethos, through which we have demonstrated sustainability for a quarter of a century.

Recycling, through repair, has a range of positive impacts for the environment and for the conservation of resources.

By repairing any of the construction components and materials that our Finishers come across on a daily basis – gouges in kitchen worktops; scratches in doors; dents in plastic window frames; spalled flakes out of stone; scratches in glass; cracks in baths and shower trays – we are saving the Earth the real cost of replacement, and the associated costs of manufacturing that replacement. And then transporting it – as well as discarded damaged item – to its new location, or landfill.

So come on, CIWEM – perhaps you should not be looking at the bigger picture, but examining the smaller companies and their actions across the globe that are proving sustainable every day – where we, at Plastic Surgeon, have long been playing a part. Add us all up, and then, perhaps, you will realize that not all its actions are negative and that there really is reason to celebrate at the end of April each year.

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