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Hospital building interior and exterior repairs

Hospital building interior and exterior repairs

Hospital building interior and exterior repairs

A series of healthcare projects undertaken by a leading construction contractor, have led to Plastic Surgeon being called upon to assist with the final snagging as work has neared completion.

The contracts have encompassed a full range of the reinstatement techniques offered by the repair specialist: including removing dents and other damage from external as well as internal doors, mending different types of panels including splash-backs and partitions, and polishing out scratches in glass.

Hospital building repairsIn the North and Eastern regions Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers worked on two major hospital projects. In the first instance, the team was employed prior to the handover of a new wing where the internal and external doors had borne the brunt of impact from equipment and materials being moved about the building. 28 wood veneered interior doors, repaired in-situ, added up to a total of 0.59 tonnes of waste saved from going to landfill while, due to their heavier weight, the seven outside doors contributed nearly as large a benefit. Less spectacular in respect of skip space, but equally important in terms of final appearance, three worktops and three fascias were saved.

At the second hospital, 0.65 tonnes of internal doors repaired were accompanied by a window, eight radiators, four basins and an assortment of cupboards. These saved the customer the substantial cost of replacing the items, as well as associated landfill costs.

As is so often the case on large construction projects, towards the end of a project damage is identified that has been done to building components by ‘unknown parties’, but it has to be addressed. In the case of a healthcare scheme in Middlesborough, there were a number of internal timber veneer doors, and external cladding panels which had been affected. If Plastic Surgeon had not re-sprayed the panels, then the whole lot would have had to be replaced. The contractor’s procurement manager placed the order for the repairs with Plastic Surgeon, because their tradesmen did not have the skills or the equipment to carry out the work required.

At Minehead Hospital it was green and purple coloured IPS panels in washrooms that had been damaged by service engineers and other following trades. Yet Plastic Surgeon’s repair techniques of employing high strength fillers, meticulous preparation techniques and a carefully colour matched finish brought the same positive outcome.

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