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Snagging speeds handover at Edinburgh Conference Centre

Plastic Surgeon Scotland was closely involved on the snagging process preceding the handover of The Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Working for main contractor, Sir Robert McAlpine, a team of highly trained Finishers from Plastic Surgeon Scotland tackled a variety of repair tasks: addressing different building substrates, including laminate wall panels, doors, door frames, IPS panels and ceramic sinks.

The Regional Operations Manager for Plastic Surgeon in Scotland comments on the EICC contract saying: “The tasks undertaken were typical of most large sites, where all the labourers and tradespeople passing through had caused minor scrapes, dents and tracks; moving wheelbarrows or carrying toolboxes.

“We had two Finishers on site for a total of 10 days, basically filling all the areas of damage and smoothing them back before re-spraying the repair. Although we are all trained in the use of RAL colour charts, the relatively small volumes involved meant that rather than buying in bulk quantities for the job, our Finishers mixed the colours required by eye, using our stock pigments. This was also an advantage because there was no parking outside the conference centre and everything had to be carried a 10 minute walk from where we left the vans.

“This was a very successful project for Plastic Surgeon where the Finishers managed to complete all the different repairs with minimal interference to the other trades involved on site.”

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