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Timber door repairs for Mansell Construction

Specialist in partnering community regeneration projects, Mansell Construction Services Ltd has been involved with the development of Langage Energy Centre near Plymouth, which is one of the first power stations to be built in the UK for five years.

Unfortunately, the need for ‘snagging’ occurred on the site, so Mansell called upon Plastic Surgeon as a specialist, which repairs the bumps and breakages which are an inevitable aspect of construction, to assess the scratches to six doors within the building.

The striations travelling across the grain of the timber doors were highly visible, being that they were at eye level and the doors were quite light in colour. It was of paramount importance, then, that the repairs were carried out to a professional standard to avoid replacing these expensive, high quality doors.

The damaged areas were filled and sanded back by Plastic Surgeon’s Finisher, who then airbrushed on the base wood colour, which he hand-mixed to ensure the match was exact. The next move was to draw, by hand, the missing wood grain, making sure that it met with the original imperceptibly. Lastly, the Fine Finisher blended lightly around the edges of the work to complete the task, leaving a totally professional repair.

Both the Site Manager and the Chief Quantity Surveyor from Dean & Dyball were so impressed with the repairs, they asked the Clerk of Works from Alstom Power Ltd (the supplier of equipment and services for power generation and rail transport), who has a reputation for being quite good at finding snagging repairs, to try to spot them; he could not.

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