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Cosmetic design feature added to render

Cosmetic design feature added to render

Cosmetic design feature added to render

ISG Pearce is a major construction company operating across the South West and South Wales. Offering 85 years worth of experience, ISG Pearce is now part of the international construction group ISG plc.

Having finished the new Assessment Building at Gloucestershire Royal Hospital with render, it was noted that confusion over drawing revisions had led to a feature boarder around the windows being omitted. This was an essential element to ensure that the new structure resembled the old building across the road. Plastic Surgeon was called in to see if its Finishers could add the cosmetic design around all six windows of the new building to make sure this aesthetic detail was included.

Plastic Surgeon’s suggestion was to create the illusion of a feature which really equated to a “box” around each window in a contrasting colour to the render. Several Finishers created some colour match swatches which were presented to the building designer, Christina Gorton, for approval.

The half dozen border features were created in just two working days by masking off 40mm wide areas at a distance of 20mm in each direction from the window frames. Accurate setting out and achieving adequate adhesion to the new render, without leaving a residue on the surface, were amongst the problems overcome during the lengthy preparation time spent on the work area; safe access being achieved by using step ladders and a tower scaffold.

Satisfied that the surface was ready to receive the additional features, and that the surrounding areas were adequately protected, the Finishers carefully screed coated the 40mm wide bands, in turn, before spraying them with sand. As each window surround was addressed, the masking was quickly removed so that the edges could be blown over with more sand in order to blend the feature into the main body of the render.

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