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Dented steel fire doors repaired for Miller

Dented steel fire doors repaired for Miller

Dented steel fire doors repaired for Miller

A major new warehouse facility located alongside Scotland’s arterial route between Glasgow and the capital, was successfully handed over on schedule, thanks in part to the quality of the finishing work carried out by Plastic Surgeon Scotland.

Miller Construction erected a vast new warehouse structure at the Eurocentral Business Park near Motherwell. As with almost all building projects, however, the attritional nature of work on site had led to a number of steel doors and other components being scratched and dented: putting in jeopardy the targeted handover date.

Already aware of Plastic Surgeon’s unique skillset when it comes to snagging work, Miller Construction’s site management team called in the company’s Operations Manager to quote on the repairs: leading to the highly trained Finishers working on three distinct areas of the property. This also included an order being placed by another company involved on the development, following a recommendation from the main contractor.

Explaining the scope of Plastic Surgeon’s work within the huge Eurocentral warehouse, the Operations Manager for Scotland, said: “Miller Construction is a national contractor we have done work for in the past. In this instance, the relationship also led to our being recommended to one of the main sub-contractors, McKay Roofing, to deal with damage to internal cladding panels.

“The half dozen steel fire doors in a dark grey colour took one of our Finishers a week to carefully fill and prepare for repainting. With our two-pack filler cured and smoothed back they were re-sprayed to exactly match the original appearance. And because Miller’s site management were so delighted with the quality of the work, they recommended us to McKay Roofing, a specialist involved on the project, to put right the dents on the high level, corrugated cladding panels, inside the building. This work involved us hiring in a scaffold, and carrying out a full risk assessment.

“We also carried out repairs on chipped veneer doors around the office areas, and managed to conceal a series of scratches which showed on the aluminium and glass curtain walling just inside the reception area. With approximately five weeks allocated to the different areas, this turned out to be a significant contract for us, and a very successful one.”

Although all of the Finishers are trained to match colours by eye and to tint paint using the pigments carried in their van kits, the various quantities required for the Eurocentral project prompted Plastic Surgeon to order batches from its suppliers. In this case then the operatives referred to the RAL charts they are all equipped with in order to identify the correct shades.

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