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Gold metal fire door repair for Sir Robert McAlpine

Gold metal fire door repair for Sir Robert McAlpine

Gold metal fire door repair for Sir Robert McAlpine

Construction projects almost never reach a conclusion without some accidental damage or a component being fitted in the wrong place: a fact of life for the industry to deal with and exactly the situation which led to Plastic Surgeon Scotland being asked to fill a dozen screw holes in each of the fire doors that feature in the new Scottish Crime Campus, Glasgow.

Damaged gold metal fire doorThe huge new police base, built for the Strathclyde Constabulary by Sir Robert McAlpine, is located in the east of Scotland’s second city, and features a variety of crime investigation facilities. And it would probably now require the services of a crack forensic team to detect exactly where the incorrectly drilled holes were located since one of Plastic Surgeon’s most experienced Finishers spent three days, preparing and repainting the gold coloured fire doors.

The Operations Manager for Plastic Surgeon in Scotland takes up the account saying: “We have worked for Sir Robert McAlpine on a number of high profile projects across Scotland over the past few years, carrying out a variety of ‘snagging’ tasks. In the case of the new Crime Campus the problem stemmed from a sub-contractor having fitted the door furniture in the wrong position on several of the fire doors.

“This had left half a dozen holes on both sides of the steel skinned doors, and obviously they needed to be made good before the building was handed over. So I attended site with one of our senior Finishers, in order to decide what the best approach would be.

“Getting anything to grip in a small hole is quite difficult so each one was injected with a small amount of resin to begin with, which cures very quickly: plugging it and enabling the majority of the depth to be packed with our Ultra-premium, two pack filler. Then, after initially cutting back the repair with a coarse abrasive, a small amount of the Cold Weld Gel coat we use was applied to complete the build-up.”

Gold metal fire door repairThis then left the Finisher to complete the smoothing operation using a gradation of papers, ready for repainting. Interestingly, although Plastic Surgeon purchased a batch of the metallic gold paint from the same manufacturer – under exactly the same RAL number – completing a test area showed it to be a slightly different shade.

Although all of our Finishers are given extensive training in colour matching, it is notoriously difficult to ‘tweak’ metallic paint and so it was decided to respray the entire face of the doors, rather than trying to carry out what we term a “Smart Repair” – just covering the affected area.

Sir Robert McAlpine’s site manager was absolutely delighted with the standard of finish achieved, continuing a successful relationship with one of the country’s biggest contractors.

Misplaced or redundant drill holes form a surprisingly high proportion of Plastic Surgeon’s workload with Finishers frequently being tasked with making good penetrations in window frames, conservatories, kitchen cupboards, flooring, paving and various types of cladding panels. Shops and hotels, in particular, require the service due to the large amount of signage normally displayed in and around them, and the need to rebrand them when ownership changes.

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