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Hardwood bar counter repair at historic inn

Hardwood bar counter repair at historic inn

Hardwood bar counter repair at historic inn

Redecoration work in the Cromwell Arms Hotel, one of the most popular hostelries around Dartmoor, has included two of Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers undertaking cosmetic repairs and over-coating of the bar counters.

It is though, a trip down memory lane for the pair who have a total of 13 years service between them, as the Cromwell Arms is also the venue where Plastic Surgeon accommodates all its Finishers during their initial training period; and when they return to the company’s Bovey Tracey headquarters to learn further skills.

The hotel’s proprietor, Gary Roberts, remarks: “Of course we are well used to seeing the Finishers in here early in the morning in their smart blue shirts, with the company logo on, but it’s normally when they are having breakfast before they go off to Plastic Surgeon for the day’s training classes. This time the pair of them were hard at work ‘prepping’ the bar ready to be re-sprayed.”

Hardwood bar counter repair

Gary continues saying: “We had already done up a lot of the rooms, but the main bar and the side bar which serves the restaurant areas, hadn’t been touched for a very long time. While we engaged a local painter and decorator to do the walls and all the general woodwork, such as all the ceiling beams, the bar counters themselves needed special attention. They take a lot of wear and were in a pretty rough state; plus there have been some issues where the counter has been retouched in the past, getting it to be an even colour all over. However, Plastic Surgeon managed to repair all the scratches and dents, so it has a very good shine on it and looks fantastic.”

Plastic Surgeon is, of course, well used to working for clients in the retail and entertainment sectors as well as catering establishments, and therefore sent two Finishers in to carry out the work in the hotel’s three hour gap between breakfast and lunchtime.

They started by using a two-pack filler to bring all the chips, dents and gouges in the hardwood counters back to a level slightly proud of the original surface. Supplied as a basic white material, the finishers not only darken the filler once it has been rubbed down smooth, but incorporate a tint into the mix to assist in the final colour matching.

Given the natural colour of the hardwood, the way it has aged and the ambient lighting in the bars, a dark mahogany stain was chosen to coat the entire surface, before it was sprayed with a special lacquer to protect it against future knocks and scratches.

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