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Laminate repair solution for Lords Cricket Media Centre

Laminate repair solution for Lords Cricket Media Centre

Laminate repair solution for Lords Cricket Media Centre

The ground-staff at Lords are responsible for preparing a playing surface which will not endanger batsmen, but still offer bowlers enough assistance for a result to be achieved within the duration of a match which can be up to five days in length. Unfortunately, though, the excitement that unfolds on the pitch regularly causes the commentators and journalists reporting on the games to bang their microphones or other objects on their desks in the press box; which led recently to the Plastic Surgeon being called in to help repair the damage.

The national specialist was in fact asked to deal with the ‘sports related injuries’ within the space-age Media Centre building, overlooking the world famous cricket ground, by a refurbishment contractor based not far from the company’s West-country headquarters and call centre.

Neat Experts has been one of the companies involved with a £3 million upgrade to the ‘Home of Cricket’ since the end of last season, which has seen new turf laid as well as improvements to the historic and more modern facilities beyond the boundary. John Dawson, a Project Manager for the Marylebone Cricket Club, or MCC as it is frequently referred to, described the Plastic Surgeon’s three Finishers as having done “Great work”, and invited the company to quote on further challenges.

Simon Stock, the operations manager for Plastic Surgeon in London takes up the account, saying: “There are four rows of 30 or so desks in the Media Centre at Lords which look like timber but are in fact laminate and have a hollow construction. As a result of the journalists banging microphones down on the edge of the desks, or knocking them with other objects, there had been a lot of scratches, chips and holes caused and needed restoring.

“The three Finishers spent the first day doing all the prep’ which included removing any residual loose debris, then packing out the spaces beneath the laminate, and rebuilding the surface using our Ultra-Premium filler.  This was followed by very carefully smoothing back of the surface to get the exact profile.

Damaged laminate desk repairs“The second day was taken up with re-spraying all of the repaired areas with a special mix of our System 20. White is always very difficult to match, especially in a situation like this where you are treating a rolled edge where the angle that the artificial light or sunshine strikes it varies. This has been a very successful job and one that has impressed a client we hadn’t previously worked for.”

Having originally established itself as a ‘snagging’ specialist assisting housebuilders complete properties ready for handover, over the past few years Plastic Surgeon has expanded its influence into other sectors of the construction and property care industries: including winning long term contracts with facilities management companies and the big insurers. It has also won work at other major sporting venues such as the new national football academy and one of the leading Premiership stadiums.

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