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Leisure attraction facilities repair and maintenance

Leisure attraction facilities repair and maintenance

Leisure attraction facilities repair and maintenance

Drayton Manor in the Midlands – the home of Thomas Land – has become the latest convert to the unique range of repair techniques offered by Plastic Surgeon, the UK’s only national cosmetic repair specialist.

The work at the famous family theme park and destinations resort – with its separate area dedicated to the much loved children’s animation series and its various characters – came about as the result of speculative approach when Plastic Surgeon’s area manager, Richard Moreton, called and left a brochure.

Thomas tank engine repairIn fact Drayton Manor’s management team was in the process of planning a programme of refurbishment work and invited the company to carry out a demonstration of its capabilities on one of the attractions.

The Park Operations Manager, David Bromilow, recounts: “Most of the carriages and seats for our rides are made of GRP and they tend to suffer small scratches and chips as people get on and off, or while our maintenance engineers are working on them. And with five years having passed since Thomas Land opened we felt it was time for the rides and attractions to be given a facelift before the main season started – so after receiving the literature from Plastic Surgeon I called the area manager, Richard Moreton, and arranged to set his operative a task.

“Although I had been sceptical about their ability to repair the damage on the carriage’s body, the work was absolutely outstanding. That was in May, since when we have had a Finisher in for three full weeks addressing a schedule of works, and importantly offering us the flexibility that we needed.

“Our guests pay a premium sum to come in and we cannot therefore just close rides for a day, so the Finisher was starting at 7am in the morning before the park opened and doing as much as he could. After that he would go ‘backstage’ addressing some carriages which were temporarily in the sidings; then at 5pm when we close he would go back on the rides for a couple of hours. It has been a very positive experience, with the Finisher being flexible and dynamic in working with our own team.”

Plastic Surgeon’s flexibility and the versatility of the repair techniques was underlined when, during the initial three week period, a vehicle struck the distinctive Thomas Land entrance archway , causing damage to the brick effect finish. Switching from his main schedule, the Finisher spent one evening rebuilding the worst sections of damage and ‘prepping’ the whole area, then completing the final rubbing down and colour matching the following night.

Overall across Thomas Land, Plastic Surgeon has repaired metal, foils, wood, painted concrete and plastic as well as the GRP of the trains and carriage rides. In addition, because of the early starts on site Drayton Manor offered to accommodate the Finisher in the park’s themed, 150 room hotel that opened last August, and David Bromilow recommended the Plastic Surgeon service to the manager there to deal with half a dozen baths which had suffered chips or scratches.

drayton logoDavid Bromilow concludes saying: “I have another week’s work we intend to carry out this summer – which will complete Phase I – and then we are planning to bring Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers back during November when we have a short shut-down to prepare for Christmas. Meanwhile my managers are photo-documenting the repairs needed on the big rides around the park. We definitely intend to carry on making use of Plastic Surgeon’s skills.”

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