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MDF partition wall repairs save money at the FT

MDF partition wall repairs save money at the FT

MDF partition wall repairs save money at the FT

Plastic Surgeon, the pre-eminent national repair specialist, has been called in to perform cosmetic finishing work on a new moveable wall installed within the central London headquarters of the Financial Times.

As is so often the case on construction projects, minor damage had occurred to the high specification demountable room divider during transport and installation at the FT’s premises, prompting Becker Sliding Partitions to call on the services of Plastic Surgeon.

While the production and distribution of the nation’s newspapers has long been an overnight exercise, Plastic Surgeon was able to gain access to the offices of the Financial Times in the early evening, so that the remedial work required to the partition could be carried out without disturbing the staff who occupy it during normal hours.

Accompanied by one of the client’s senior site representatives, Plastic Surgeon’s Finisher tackled the series of chips that had occurred to the tall leading edge of the partition: a section formed from MDF.

Employing skills learnt at Plastic Surgeon’s headquarters and training school in Devon, he carefully rebuilt the surface to its original profile using proprietary two-pack, fast curing fillers, before smoothing the repair areas with a graduation of abrasives.

One of the most important skills taught to Finishers is the ability to blend and match colours by eye, and in this case the operative involved mixed a small quantity of the shade required using the pigments which form a basic part of every Finisher’s kit. With the aid of a fine brush, the repairs were concealed and the entire area of the repairs was treated with two coats of lacquer to ensure their resistance to further abrasion.

Plastic Surgeon’s Senior Operations Manager, Laurie King, commented on the work saying: “While this was a high profile and sensitive location for one of our Finishers to attend, the nature of the repair was relatively straightforward. The Finisher had completed his work by11 pm and the intervention will have saved the client from having to undertake far more expensive and disruptive work, replacing the damaged section.”

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