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Metal shelving repair at Titanic Museum

Metal shelving repair at Titanic Museum

Metal shelving repair at Titanic Museum

The 100th anniversary of Titanic’s sinking on its maiden voyage has created such a surge in interest regarding the doomed vessel that not only has a 3-D version of the movie been released, but a new museum has been opened close to the spot from where she set sail; and as with so many building projects there was a role for Plastic Surgeon to play in ensuring everything appeared pristine for when the public got their first chance to look around.

The Sea Centre Museum in Southampton has been built by Kier to house a number of relics and audio-visual displays depicting the story of the giant liner, with Plastic Surgeon being called upon to carry out minor repairs for both the main contractor and one of the specialists installing monitors in the auditorium where people enter.

Following the initial involvement of Plastic Surgeon to execute routine ‘snagging’ work where doors and other surfaces had suffered dents and scratches during the building process, the highly trained Finishers were called back to assist a firm called Scena in the days prior to the official handover. Its involvement had been to install a series of television screens mounted on a circular shelving system, suspended from the ceiling on steel poles, to show newsreel footage from 1912.

Painted metal shelving repairUnfortunately, the difficulty in assembling the seven metre diameter gantry well above ground level had led to a number of the metal shelves being scuffed with spanners and power tools such as grinders; leaving marks on the high gloss red paint finish.

The Operations Manager for Plastic Surgeon’s Southern Division, Rob Townsend, takes up the story saying: “The unit carrying the TV monitors was made up of some 15 separate metal shelves, a number of which had suffered scratches or other damage to the underside, where it would be visible to people walking beneath.

“We had already done some work for Kier on site when the main contractor suggested our services to Scena in the week before the job was due to be completed: and we initially sent in two Finishers to do the work. They began by prepping the areas of damage and filling them with our two-pack product to rebuild the surface; then smoothing it back carefully.

“Obviously though there was an enormous amount of activity going on in the place at the time and our operatives were prevented from doing any spraying on that first day; so I sent three Finishers back for a full day to ensure all of the work was completed on time. This was a tricky job in that we were effectively working ‘upside down’ on the underside of the shelves, some three metres off the ground on platforms provided by the client; but the main contractor and the museum were happy with the outcome which hides the repairs from all but the closest inspection.”

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