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Outdoor gym equipment gets a new lease of life

Outdoor gym equipment gets a new lease of life

Outdoor gym equipment gets a new lease of life

Key information

  • Project – Outdoor gym equipment refurb for
  • Client – Robertson Group
  • Repair type – Specialist repair and recoat to outdoor gym equipment
  • Project time – 32 hours


Plastic Surgeon’s repair skills were brought in by Robertson Group to assist with repairs to used outdoor gym equipment that had been retained as part of a school move.

Damaged gym equipment restored by Plastic SurgeonRobertson was the main contractor tasked with delivering a £4.8m new build specialist autism centre in Blackburn. As part of the project, outdoor gym equipment from the existing school was to be kept and used on the newly built premises.

Given the fact the rest of the project work was brand new, the old kit looked out of place alongside it. Recognising the requirement for some specialist repair, the team at Plastic Surgeon was called into the site.


Not only had the equipment been in much use, the fact it had been situated outdoors meant it was exposed to the elements, causing considerable wear and tear.

It was also a mix of colours – black and luminous lime green, with the green an unusual shade. In order to ensure the colour matched appropriately, the finishers involved with the job had to source the colour from the manufacturer of the gym equipment.

Day one was spent on preparation work, sanding down the equipment to bare mental so that fresh coats of primer and paint could be spray applied – a process which was subsequently conducted on day two.

The toughest aspect of the job was caused by the contrasting colours. Initially, the black sections were sprayed, which then had to be covered before being able to follow up with the lime green. Ensuring the two colours didn’t merge into one another was a tricky and fiddly process, but the finishers succeeded in keeping them separated.

The end result saw the equipment hold up exceptionally well against the new build materials in its vicinity, with observers initially assuming it had been newly installed as part of the wider project.

What did the client say?

Upon seeing the results, the client exclaimed “Wow, they look brand new!” The lead finisher on the project, Simon Fisher, believed client expectations of what was achievable was far below that of the actual result, so it was extremely pleasing to be able to deliver above and beyond the client’s initial hopes.

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