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Period wall tiling repair

Period wall tiling repair

Period wall tiling repair


Plastic Surgeon was contacted by a building company in the South-west, working on the conversion of an existing room at Taunton railway station, Somerset, where the architect involved wanted to retain the existing, damaged wall tiling with its distinctive period styling, as a feature within what is to become a new café facility.

The Challenges

As with many situations where Plastic Surgeon’s services are required, the need to reinstate an existing substrate was impeding progress of other works; while the pronounced cornice shaped edge to the upper side of the tiles complicated the task of restoring the profile. The old tiles were also multi-coloured.

The Highlights

Two of Plastic Surgeon’s highly trained Finishers worked side by side for three days to restore some two dozen of tile-repairthe early 20th century ceramic tiles. They employed short sections of plastic profile to create edge shutters against which layers of Ultra-Premium filler were formed; before being smoothed back, restoring the unusual tile profile. The brown, terra-cotta and high-gloss black colours seen in the undamaged areas of tiling were then mixed by eye using the System 200 pigments which form a key part of the Plastic Surgeon van stocks; then applied using spray guns and artist’s brushes.   

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • The client for the contract, Dribuild and the architectural consultant would have been unable to purchase any matching tiles, making full replacement with contemporary products the only economically viable alternative to commissioning replicas to be produced at a very high cost.
  • Cosmetic repair enabled the original style of the space – reminiscent of classic railway architecture – to be preserved without undue interruption to the conversion programme.

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