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Security door repair for facilities support specialist

Security door repair for facilities support specialist

Security door repair for facilities support specialist

Beacons Business Interiors was originally established in 1989 and has grown to become one of Britain’s leading facilities support specialists. Keeping the premises for which it is responsible in tip top condition is then of paramount importance for BBI who called in Plastic Surgeon to repair a number of solid wood doors where key pads and other security measures had been installed and subsequently removed.

The areas of damage were brought back up to the level of the surrounding timber using a two-pack filler together with coloured hard wax fillers, and then smoothed over using a graduation of sanding materials. Amongst the most important skills Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers are taught is the blending of colours to replicate an existing material, always taking into account the texture of the surface and the lighting conditions. Thus the Finisher involved at Heron House used a selection of tints and stains to spray a background colour over the full area of the repair, before the effect of the wood grain was added by hand.

Due to the care taken and the skills displayed it is now almost impossible for the casual observer to distinguish where the doors have been repaired and BBI’s management was so pleased, Plastic Surgeon was invited to the company’s headquarters in Brecon to give a demonstration of the other types of repair that can be effected.

Leading on from this, Plastic Surgeon was awarded around 40 hours of work for BBI at a variety of sites and the client is benefitting from the other aspects of having an account with the specialist. These include monthly break downs of the categories of work carried out and an estimate of the amount of landfill that has been saved, underlining the sustainability potential of Plastic Surgeon’s unique service.

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