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High-Spec Repairs for McCarthy & Stone

High-Spec Repairs for McCarthy & Stone

High-Spec Repairs for McCarthy & Stone

A high specification retirement development of 36 apartments by the UK’s leading provider of private sectorsnagging housebuilder
accommodation for the over fifties – McCarthy & Stone. The project is now completed and the majority of the properties occupied, but as handover to the management company approached, the site manager called on the services of Plastic Surgeon to address snagging issues both inside and outside the building.

The Challenges

All building projects suffer an amount of attrition due to the number of different tradespeople involved in carryinghousebuilder snagging out the work, and the frequent need to move heavy equipment and other components in proximity to already installed, and hard to protect fittings and substrates.

In this instance reconstructed stone window sills and headers had been damaged during the later phases of the work and the removal of scaffolding. Meanwhile inside the apartments there had also been minor damage to kitchen work-surfaces, a bath and a small number of doors. Replacing the damaged items would have been both very costly and possibly delayed the handover; making the obvious remedy.

The Highlights

As on previous contracts, the site manager passed the details of the affected items to Plastic Surgeon’s national call centre and had two of the company’s highly trained Finishers attend within three working days. During a total of seven days’ work the Finishers used the company’s Smart Repair techniques to fill, smooth and colour match the damaged surfaces.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • The range of repairs were carried out by two Finishers: addressing multiple tasks each day they were on site.
  • No components had to be replaced, saving considerable cost and disruption as well as the environmental impact of scrapping and ordering new items.
  • The site manager had the reassurance of handing the snagging over to a single service provider, which he trusted and whose personnel he was already familiar with.


The Site Manager, Alister Kildin, commented:

“We have to complete handover to our customer care team as well as McCarthy & Stone Management Services, who look after the property long term; and who are very hot on all aspects of build quality. They were both very happy with the standard of the finish achieved. Plastic Surgeon offers a very good service which I have used repeatedly since I was made aware of it by a colleague on another site.

“The time implications for replacing items such as a veneered door which may have been scratched are considerable; as well as arranging to have the replacement fitted. It is more cost effective to have the original repaired in-situ.

“In the case of the stone headers and sills, they included both stock items and specials which would take longer to order in, possibly even having to be cast and allowed to cure. The bricklayers are obviously able to cut out and replace damaged lintels but it is a very labour intensive task compared to the time Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers will take to repair them.”


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