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Stone repair to damaged house elevation

Stone repair to damaged house elevation

Stone repair to damaged house elevation

The owner of a property was left in an unenviable position when the contractor carrying out major building works went into liquidation. Not only was the project unfinished, but areas to the external stonework had suffered physical damage and the disfigurement of mortar droppings. The client opted to call on the services of Plastic Surgeon in order to remedy the problems and achieve closure.

In many circumstances Plastic Surgeon’s highly trained Finishers work alone repairing relatively small defects; often carrying out ‘snagging’ on behalf of other contractors. In this instance the scope of the task was so large that Plastic Surgeon’s regional manager decided to deploy a multi-operative team in order to complete the contract effectively and efficiently.

The Finishers first jet washed the entire outer elevations in order to remove the mortar snots and general dirt left by the original builders then, working from tower scaffolds, they carried out a series of patch repairs to the quarried stone blocks. These were executed using Plastic Surgeon’s three-part filler; building the damage back to a consistent surface level.

Finally, to ensure the completed elevations presented a uniform appearance that will weather consistently, the Fine Finishers applied Plastic Surgeon’s renowned Screed Coat system. This was matched to the natural buff green colour of the masonry and rollered on. A fine sand aggregate was then applied to the still wet surface using grit blasting equipment.

The client has been assisted in remedying a difficult and potentially very costly situation in an economic manner. Replacing the damaged stones would have been time consuming and very expensive. Instead Plastic Surgeon has completed the work in the minimum time possible, at a cost of around £15 per stone; and achieved a highly aesthetic outcome that will endure.

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