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UPP benefits from student housing repairs

UPP benefits from student housing repairs

UPP benefits from student housing repairs

UPP – the University Partnership Programme, a leading provider of managed on-campus university accommodation uses Plastic Surgeon’s highly trained Finishers to carry out student housing repairs at a dozen different campuses.

Daren Thomas, from UPP, explains why it took on Plastic Surgeon: “We were trying to find some way of doing repairs that was more cost-effective than replacing – we came across Plastic Surgeon’s website and realizing it could provide the answer, we arranged to have a demonstration carried out.”

cracked-sink-repairSince then, Finishers from Plastic Surgeon have spent weeks working in student accommodation undertaking a variety of tasks. At Lancaster University for instance, students’ enthusiasm for cooking with very hot woks has made burns to laminate worktops the most common repair. Other damage includes laminate peeling or chipping, as well as the kitchen base units suffering scratches and gouges. Plus there is the inevitable general wear and tear to doors and walls, while in the study bedrooms the desk areas have required their share of attention.

The vast majority of remedial work at the universities is carried out during the holidays, although there is a responsive maintenance strategy set up by UPP to keep on top of urgent repairs; these too though are done when the accommodation is unoccupied, with the Finishers working closely with UPP’s decorators and other trades, usually following on behind them.

repair cracked sinkTypically the interventions are what Plastic Surgeon refers to as ‘Smart Repairs’ involving the Finisher preparing the laminate or other substrate by cutting back any loose or burned material to ensure a good key, and then building back the surface using Ultra-premium filler. The area is then smoothed using a graduation of abrasives before the repair is colour matched, often with the Finisher mixing pigments by eye, and touching in details like wood-grain patterns using a fine artist’s brush.

Thanks to Plastic Surgeon’s repair work, the typical life cycles of the kitchens, for example, have been extended from five to seven years before replacement becomes necessary, equating to considerable cost-savings for UPP.

Daren Thomas concludes: “I myself feel that the work Plastic Surgeon has done for us has been very successful and cost-effective. In most cases, you can’t even notice the difference; it would also cost us quite a lot to replace these damaged products.”

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