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Tile cladding repair

Tile cladding repair

Tile cladding repair

Extensive refurbishment work to a student hall of residence on Merseyside has led to a contract for Plastic Surgeon, the national specialist being called in to assist with recreating repair tile claddingextensive areas of tile cladding across the main elevation. This involved matching vibrant colours as well as the original joint patterns to Lime Court in Liverpool.

The Challenges

Lime Court comes under the care of T J Thomas as building managers, with the current programme of works including significant structural repairs which necessitated the cutting back of the original cladding. With no new matching tiles available, and concerns over the vulnerability to delamination of such exterior finishes, it was decided to take a fresh approach to the reinstatement.

Plastic Surgeon’s Finishers were required to replicate some strikingly strong colours in a very visible location and maintain their consistency across an extensive area.

The Highlights

The client called in Plastic Surgeon’s regional operations manager to examine the task, as a result of which a tender for 120 hours of work was accepted and one of the contractor’s senior Finisherstile cladding repair was allocated to recreate the original appearance.

Using the main contractor’s scaffolding for access, the Finisher began applying thin skims of Plastic Surgeon’s Ultra-Premium filler to conceal sets of holes, hair-line cracks which had resulted from settlement of the structure and a variety of small chips caused by accidental damage in other areas where the tiles had not been removed.

He then followed this by the painstaking process of matching the original colour scheme for the façade, where the windows were separated by yellow clad mullions with blue below. Then there is a pair of 450 mm wide column structures running up either side of the front elevation in bright Burgundy for the full height of the building.

While the yellow and blue areas of tiles were matched using Plastic Surgeon’s System 20 in White with System 200 tints added, the Burgundy was such an unusual hue that it had to be replicatedceramic tile cladding repair purely by blending quantities of the System 200 pigments. All of the joint details in grey had to be individually masked and other surrounding surfaces protected from overspray.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • Plastic Surgeon’s management and the senior Finisher assigned to the site had to coordinate the work with the main contractor and observe the site’s safety and other working restrictions, as well as deal with changeable weather conditions in an exposed situation.
  • The new tiling blended into its surroundings to the satisfaction of all involved.
  • The company’s involvement not only avoided the significant expense of commissioning the production of matching replacements, but also offered a means of concealing the new method of fixing being used to ensure the stability of the façade.

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