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White powder coat cladding respray

White powder coat cladding respray

White powder coat cladding respray


The high-tech production facility which has been built for an ophthalmology company on an industrial park in Worthing has required the unique skills and logistical resources of the UK’s only national surface repair specialist, after fit-out operations led to the need for extensive remedial work on interior metal cladding panels.

As a result a team of Finishers from Plastic Surgeon’s Southern region have undertaken a total of over 40 days’ work, filling, smoothing, prepping and respraying hundreds of the powder-coated panels.

The Challenges

While Plastic Surgeon had previously completed several successful jobs for the cladding company, Ardmac Performance Contracting, at sites around the country, the project team developing the building for Raynar in Worthing naturally wanted to witness a demonstration of the specialist’s techniques. It was though, only after the completion of a trial carried out to all parties’ satisfaction that the scale of the work became apparent, and Plastic Surgeon’s Regional Operations
Manager, Rob Townsend immediately sought to fully resource the contract.

Given the imminent handover deadline for the building, Rob called in a team of his most experienced Finishers, under the guidance and supervision of Andy Keenagh who regularly leads training courses in spraying techniques for new recruits.

Andy’s role was to ensure standards of excellence were maintained despite the demanding timetable and the notoriously difficult task or replicatingpowder coated cladding respray a powder coat finish under site conditions. Also, given the sensitive nature of the location with contact lenses having to be manufactured under clean room conditions, avoidance of overspray or any form of contamination was considered paramount.

The Highlights

The team tackled the work on a room-by-room basis, masking off the building’s ventilation system and bringing in its own portable extract equipment. With distances of up to 60 metres necessary to reach the outside atmosphere, the duct runs were broken by intermediate fan units to ensure the system worked effectively. Meanwhile it was decided to carry out all of the spraying work using HVLP – High Volume Low Pressure – guns.
The repairs themselves involved the Finishers painstakingly repairing the dents and scratches caused by careless sub-contractors; employing Plastic Surgeon’s Ultra-Premium two-pack filler.

The surfaces were then smoothed back with a graduation of wet and dry papers before the panels were treated with first a grey high build primer followed by a white high build primer. Large quantities of the System 20 base were tinted with System 200 pigments to ensure the exact tone of white originally specified by the architect was consistently achieved throughout the building.

Key Outcomes for The Client

  • Plastic Surgeon had the resources readily available to cope with the scale and urgency of the Worthing project.
  • The client was saved the time, cost and disruption of having to replace damaged panels while the intended occupant will be able to take over a property in pristine condition.
  • Cosmetic repair was the more environmentally friendly option compared to replacement.

Regional Operations Manager, Rob Townsend recounted:

Ardmac Performance Contracting is a specialist in the fit out of such properties as this which we have done work for in the past on sites in Kent, Milton Keynes and Newcastle. The scale of this was very big though, with a lot of damage having been caused to the metal lining panels by people installing services or doing other work; scratching or denting them with tools and ladders.

It is very difficult to match a satin white powder coat finish outside of a factory production line, but our Finishers did a consistently good job throughout the rooms we were working in. Everyone seems very satisfied with the outcome.


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